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FAQs and Resources2023-07-10T18:15:28-05:00


Are there any follow-up programs or resources for students who want to pursue a career in MS&T after participating in the DoD STARBASE Central Florida program?2023-07-10T18:17:50-05:00

Once a student joins our social learning network, we encourage them to stay in contact with us as they continue to grow. DoD SBCFL offers numerous supplemental and outreach programs for fifth grade students all the way to adult learners. Our GEMS camp is held every summer for rising 6th graders through rising 8th graders interested in learning more about STEM and the MS&T workforce. As students enter high school, we invite them into our lab to complete volunteer hours needed for college scholarships. As our volunteers grow into interns, we continue to invite them into our lab to facilitate workforce development and introduce them to further MS&T workforce opportunities.

Are there any professional development opportunities for educators through DoD STARBASE Central Florida?2023-07-05T12:42:05-05:00

DoD STARBASE Central Florida regularly hosts teacher trainings and workshops on a variety of topics. DoD SBCFL hosts teacher training at the annual Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) (more information can be found at: https://www.iitsec.org/). If you are interested in planning or hosting a professional development program with us, please email us at sb.centralflorida@dodstarbase.org.

How can educators apply to bring their students to the DoD STARBASE Central Florida program?2023-07-05T12:41:44-05:00

Fifth grade educators and school administrators can visit the Academies tab on our website and complete the Educator Google Form under the DoD STARBASE Central Florida Academic Year tab to sign up. If you are interested in an outreach or supplemental program, visit the Contact Us or the Academies page.

What resources are available for educators to integrate DoD STARBASE content into their curriculum?2023-07-05T12:41:20-05:00

DoD STARBASE Central Florida educators welcome teachers into our social learning network. In our lab, teachers get to participate in innovative team-teaching while learning about the modeling, simulation, and training workforce. All program activities reflect and expand upon national educational standards. Teachers are also able to connect with our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and use tools for problem solving that they would not normally have access to in their classrooms.

Can subject matter experts from outside organizations contribute to the DoD STARBASE Central Florida program?2023-07-05T12:40:01-05:00

DoD SBCFL welcomes SMEs from government, the Department of Defense, public/private industry, and academia.

How are subject matter experts involved in the development and delivery of the program?2023-07-05T12:39:17-05:00

SMEs share their expertise in a team-teach model where they can mentor and inspire the future MS&T workforce.

What qualifications do the subject matter experts at DoD STARBASE Central Florida have?2023-07-05T12:38:57-05:00

DoD STARBASE Central Florida Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) come from a variety of Modeling, Simulation, and Training (MS&T) careers with extensive experience in their field and a passion for STEM Education.

What opportunities are there for students to interact with professionals in the MS&T field?2023-07-05T12:37:25-05:00

SBCFL’s location in UCF’s Partnership III Building provides students with the opportunity to learn from innovative researchers and professors leading cutting-edge labs. Neighboring the SBCFL lab is the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD). Students are able to interact with civilian and non-civilian personnel from NAWCTSD to learn more about the use of MS&T in the military. Additionally, public and private industry leaders visit our lab to share their expertise with STARBASE students.

How does the DoD STARBASE Central Florida program prepare students for careers in modeling, simulation, and training (MS&T)?2023-07-05T12:35:14-05:00

DoD STARBASE Central Florida welcomes students into a MS&T ecosySTEM of learning. We provide students with a learning and teaching environment that allows them to use industry hardware and software tools to practice problem solving. Students are able to collaborate with peers and Subject Matter Experts to build their confidence in their STEM thinking and application skills.

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