What national standards do we cover?

  • Physics: Motion and Force

  • Fluid Mechanics: Buoyancy

  • Chemistry: Building Blocks and Properties of Matter

  • Science Explorations: Forms of Energy

  • Current and Emerging Technology

  • Applying Technology

  • Engineering Design Process

  • 3D Computer Aided Design

  • 3D Printing

  • Geometry: Coordinate Planes, Longitude, and Latitude

  • Measurements: Volume, Mass, and Distance

  • Data Analysis: Graphing Data, Finding Percents, Decimals

DoD STARBASE Central Florida Academic Year

During the school year, DoD STARBASE Central Florida offers 25 hours of free STEM instruction for fifth grade students. Schools can either send a class of students for a full week (Monday-Friday, five hours a day), or once a week for five hours over the course of five weeks.

Community Outreach

  • STEM pop-ups in local communities

  • Collaborations with local organizations

  • Trainings at educational/workforce conferences and events

STEMtastic Summer Opportunities!

  • Summer camps for rising 6th through rising 9th graders (one week long)

  • High school and college internships (six week program)

  • Supplemental programs are 20-25 hours

STEM Scholarships

  • High school seniors

  • Undergraduate students

  • Graduate students

How Can I Become a Friend of STARBASE?

Find out how you can get involved with DoD STARBASE Central Florida.